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It’s Lights, Camera, Interaction with Tweetcast, the New Social Webinar.

Broadcast rich-media alongside real-time chat. Connect with people who want to engage and filter out #Hashtag Hijackers, @Autoschedule Squatters, and Hyper Retweeters for a conversation that’s in context and easy to follow.

About Us

Use Nestivity and Tweetcast to share rich media, conduct presentations, stream live video, and showcase your products using the social amplification of Twitter.

Nestivity turns your brand’s Twitter @handle into a “Nest”, a place to build relationships and drive sales by engaging your audience in new ways.

Grow Your Audience, Build Relationships, Generate Sales

Get more value out of Twitter:

  • Organize your brand’s Twitter experience
  • Reach new prospects through authentic engagement
  • Host real-time and ongoing discussions all in one place

Tweetcast – The New Social Webinar

Broadcast rich-media, presentations, G+ Hangouts, and much more alongside real-time chats:

  • Take control of your conversations with helpful moderation tools
  • Use on-screen media and prompts to keep your audience on-topic
  • Drive web traffic and sales directly from your Nest

Team Moderation

Get everyone involved with easy team moderation:

  • Add your team members as moderators in your Nest
  • Allow others to manage conversation topics
  • Highlight special guests and subject matter experts

Ease and Efficiency

Connect with your followers in structured conversations organized around your topics:

  • Listen to your audience and turn inbound tweets into conversations
  • Use embeddables to share conversation topics virtually anywhere
  • Follow all activity in your Nest on one screen

Plans & Pricing

Try Nestivity and Tweetcast for Free; no credit card or commitment required.

Our Free plan now includes the full set of Nestivity features, including 2 free Tweetcasts. This is not a trial offer, your free Nest will not expire. Get started now.

Free Plan

1 Moderator

45 Days Tweet History

Or upgrade to a Premium Plan and get even more from Nestivity. We offer Monthly plans with no obligation; or choose Annual payments for additional savings. See Terms for details.


15 Moderators

1 Year Tweet History



4 Moderators

6 Months Tweet History



2 Moderators

90 Days Tweet History


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Customer Spotlight

Here are a few examples of brands that use Nestivity to stay connected with their audiences:

What Our Community is Saying

“We debated whether to host this event on a Google+ hangout or on Twitter. With Nestivity, we brought students on both networks together in a single integrated environment.”
“The fact that we are able to share images and video AND engage directly with our audience in real time, from all over the world, is invaluable.”
National Aquarium
“Great way to manage Twitter and start better conversations: @Nestivity.”
Robert Scoble
“Holy cow. Just did a preview demo of @Nestivity Could change the nature of conversation on Twitter.”
Jay Baer

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